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Direct import world wide any model. For Australian customers We are the only exporter that can arrange import approval and compliance


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 We have units in all price ranges

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200 series 2002 To 2018 

For Australian Customers, 200 series units are above $60,000 and recommended over the older 100 series 

JILL 520

SKIP 480 rear lounge


Corde rear kitchen


Corde rear bunk beds




100 series 1996 To 2001   

For Australian Customers, 100 series are below $60,000 Diesel 




Toyota Camroad 200 series motorhomes are only available direct from Japan.

Toyota Camroad motorhomes have everything needed

for a comfortable experience on the road.

These beautifully equipped mid-size motorhomes come with either 2wd or 4wd and diesel or petrol engines. Automatic transmission with overdrive for power and great fuel economy. The 4wd versions come with on-demand 4wd at the push of a button. They have a one-piece roof and are factory built as a motorhome on a motor home Chassis, Unlike the Mercedes sprinter or Isuzu elf that is not a factory-built motor home and just uses standard truck Chassis not suitable for motor home use.

All units are equipped with an Auto trans toilet and shower, Hot water service and sleep a minimum of 4 persons and triple insulation, Models available in all price ranges.

The Toyota Camroad cab-chassis is a special chassis type of the Dyna series Toyota developed for motorhomes. The Toyota Camroad is far superior to other midsize motorhomes as the Toyota camroad is light and can cruise at 100kmh at 2400 rpm and 110 kmh at a low 2700 rpm for great fuel economy, There really is no other choice but to choose a Toyota Camroad for smooth comfortable camping and these motorhomes can be driven on a regular car license. Another very important factor is when it comes time to resell your motorhome a Toyota will always fetch premium prices on the market.

All motorhomes are in our facility in Tokyo and are sent per customer request upon deposit.

Units will arrive within 3 weeks of purchase and will be fully serviced 

We are the exclusive dealer for these units 








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