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Over 20,000 customers worldwide have made the smart move and purchased a motorhome. We have a motorhome in your budget and can deliver worldwide.  

Great Toyota Camroad fuel economy.

Toyota Camroads use 7 Liters per 100 KLM,s or around 33 mpg, and will cruise effortlessly at freeway speeds  Toyota Camroad uses a one-piece roof that does not leak. Toyota Camroad motorhomes do not suffer from rust corrosion like other brands and use a chassis specifically designed for motorhome use.


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All units are via Japan please do not ask to view in your country as these must be exported to buyers direct from our Tokyo center. We also sell other Japanese motorhomes, Mitsubishi, Toyota Hi ace, Etc

Direct sales to customers worldwide 

We can import to order

We have motorhomes in all budget ranges in 2wd or 4wd version  petrol or Diesel

The Toyota Camroad motor home is a very well-equipped mid-size motorhome that can be driven on a standard car license. Construction materials ensure they don’t suffer from rust or corrosion like some other brands.
Different specification levels include Zill, Corde, Leo, and Champ.
The Camroad comes with:
– automatic transmission (with overdrive for power and good fuel economy)
– Diesel or petrol engines
– either 2WD or 4WD (with freewheeling hub)
4WD versions can be switched to 4WD at the push of a button inside the cabin.
The Toyota Camroad cab-chassis has been specifically designed by Toyota for motorhome use based on the Dyna series, unlike some competitors like Mercedes and Isuzu which use a standard truck chassis.
The range of Vantech Toyota Camroad motorhomes sleep a minimum of 4 people in comfort with two double beds and have all the features you need for road trips, including:
– toilet
– shower
– hot water service
– sink/washbasin
– fridge
– one piece roof which doesn’t leak
– triple insulation
– reversing camera
– cooktop
– storage compartments
– power points
– heater
– dining area
– 2 x double beds
– awning
– pull out step
– roof lights and vents
– wardrobe
– curtains
– quality materials and fittings
The Camroad is lighter than other midsize motorhomes so they can cruise at 100 km/h at 2,400 rpm and 110 km/h at a low 2,700 rpm for good fuel economy of between 7 and 9 L / 100 km.

Specifications and Construction
– 4 speed automatic
– 80L fuel capacity
– OEM structural grade aluminum chassis
– Marine-grade fiberglass walls, roof, and nose cone
– Gelcoat interior and exterior finish
– Glazed tinted hopper style windows
– Blackout blinds and fly screens on all windows
External Features

– Wind-out awning with 4m x 2.5m projection
– Gas cylinder 4.5kg
– 100-liter fresh water capacity
– 100-litre grey water capacity
– Gas hot water system 22.6L
– Fully sealed 1 x 100Ah deep cycle battery
– Battery charger
– Entry door with separate hinged flyscreen door
– Pull-out entry step
– Water filler (key lock)
Internal Features
– 4 berth motorhome
– 3 way fridge / freezer 12 Volt / gas / 240 volt
– Microwave
– Stainless steel sink
– 2x gas burner cooktop
– 12V rangehood with light
– Pelmets and curtains throughout
– Fire extinguisher & smoke alarm
– Flip-down acrylic hand basin
– Cassette toilet with 12 Volt electric flush
– Combined shower/toilet
– Forward dinette/bed conversion
– Mid kitchen
– Internal color scheme
– Lightweight honeycomb cabinetry

Toyota Camroad motorhomes are only available direct from us in Japan.

Toyota camroad motorhomes have everything needed

for a comfortable experience on the road.

These beautifully equipped mid size motorhomes come with either 2wd or 4wd and diesel or petrol engines. Automatic transmission with overdrive for power and great fuel economy. The 4wd versions come with on-demand 4wd at the push of a button. They have a one-piece roof and are factory built as a motorhome on a motor home Chassis, Unlike the Mercedes sprinter or Isuzu elf that is not a factory-built motor home and just uses standard truck Chassis not suitable for motor home use.

All units are equipped with Auto trans toilet and shower, Hot water service and sleep a minimum of 4 persons and triple insulation, Models available in all price ranges.

The Toyota Camroad cab-chassis is a special chassis type of the Dyna series Toyota developed for motorhomes. The Toyota Camroad is far superior to other midsize motorhomes as the Toyota camroad is light and can cruise at 100kmh at 2400 rpm and 110 kmh at a low 2700 rpm for great fuel economy, There really is no other choice but to choose a Toyota Camroad for smooth comfortable camping and these motorhomes can be driven on a regular car licence. Another very important factor is when it comes time to resell your motorhome a Toyota will always fetch premium prices on the market.

All motorhomes are in our facility in Tokyo and are sent per customer request upon deposit.

Units will arrive within 3 weeks of purchase and will be fully serviced 

We are the exclusive dealer for these units 


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