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Direct import world wide any model through us We are the factory Authorized Toyota Camroad Dealer and exporter



Corde sleeping areas

King size bed slides out above cab 2 metres length 

● Plenty of storage with generous size cupboards that have full length locking doors.


● good size extra storage rack.

Bunk bed area

● bottom bed
There is a storage area to the left and right,Also a glove compartment is also attached to the side.

Bed size is 1880 × 760.

Top bed
 Acrylic double-glazed windows allow plenty of
 light in.

Bed size is 1840 × 815.

●Under the lower bed you can access the rear large storage compartment.

● Top bed folds away when not in use.



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We are the Authorized sales service and export for Toyota Camroad motorhomes

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